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Prevention and Management of work-related injuries

Dewing Ergonomics and Safety Pty Ltd

Occupational Therapist, Ergonomist, Occupational Hygienist & OH&S Consultant

Preventing Injury in the Workplace

Ergonomics & Safety in Adelaide, South Australia

Excessive Noise

Noise levels in the place are measured by using a hand held noise meter, detecting if the noise volume is at an unsafe level to the ear.

Ergonomics & Safety in Adelaide, South Australia

High Dust Levels in the Work Place

Can cause:  Bronchitis | Lung Conditions | Asthma

Dewing Ergonomics & Safety is focused on the prevention and management of work-related injuries and illness to assist in improving the health and well-being of employees.  We have expertise in ergonomics/human factors, acoustics, occupational hygiene, occupational health and safety and workplace rehabilitation/occupational therapy.

Ergonomics & Safety services

Occupational Therapy / Workplace Rehabilitation
Occupational Health & Safety (0H&S)/Work Health and Safety (WHS)
Occupational Hygiene
Ergonomics, also known as Human Factors

About Dewing Ergonomics

Paul Dewing is a registered Occupational Therapist as well as an Ergonomist, Occupational Hygienist and Occupational Health & Safety Consultant with over 25 years of experience in workplace rehabilitation and occupational health and safety. Read more …

Contact details

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Our Ergonomics and Safety Services include:

  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ergonomic training
  • Manual handling
  • Noise surveys and training
  • Lighting surveys
  • Air monitoring
  • Indoor air quality
  • Chemical risk assessments
  • Heat stress assessments
  • Work site assessments
  • Activity of Daily Living Assessments
    (ADL Assessments)
  • Job Dictionaries
  • Investigation of noise induced hearing loss
  • Investigation of musculoskeletal claims

Write to us for more information about Ergonomics and Safety Services.

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Some of our Case Studies

 in: Ergonomics | Noise Levels | Occupational Hygiene

Dewing Ergonomics and Safety were contracted to undertake a noise survey for a large winery that operated a packaging plant where cask wine bladders were filled. 

Case study – noise

Noise levels measured, Read more

An ergonomic/manual handling issue arose in the machining section of an engineering company.  Steel circular disks weighing greater than 30 kg had to be machined on a lathe. 

Case study – ergonomics

Ergonomics, Read more